Bora Dental

High-quality dental equipment provider

Becoming an authorized representative for dental equipment

Bora Dental LLC was founded in 2017 by two computer science engineers, Yll Bajrami and Taulant Gashi. Our company started its business activity by offering dental equipment as an authorized representative of one of the top brands. Within a short time, we grew our team and expanded our commercial activity to include Kosovo and Albania.
Today, with a team of 18 employees, we have the pleasure of serving both the public and private sectors and we’re heavily invested in dozens of new projects.

Know the global trends and service the local market

We started with the vision of bringing quality and advanced technology to our clients in order to improve their dental practices. Today, our company is an authorized distributor of many world brands in the field of dentistry and medicine, located in the United States and Europe including Germany, Italy, and France.

Characterized by maturity, fueled by ambition

Our company is a new business built on a foundation of hard work and grit, by a group of young and enthusiastic people who strived to create a modern, professional business model, bringing innovation to the field of dentistry and medicine. We’re an ambitious group committed to excellence with the foresight to anticipate the challenges and opportunities in the market.

The main activities of our company are the sale, installation, training, and servicing of the medical equipment we provide to our clients.

To expand our presence and impact on the market, we have also implemented an innovative mobile application “Bora Dental APP“, enabling users to browse and order all the products provided by our company, online.

Why us?

As the leading dental equipment provider in the Kosovan and Albanian markets, we’re known for our professionalism, efficiency, and quality of services and products. Our experience with clients provides unique insight into their needs that we know better than anyone. We’ve built up a reputation as a product provider you can rely on, and we’re proud of that. So if you’re looking for the latest technology and products that are going to last, you can count on us.

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The best dental equipment for your dental practice

We’re continuously researching and finding new solutions that meet the demands of today’s dental practices. How can we help you?